The studio of designer Jacob Stephens, Physical Pixel prides itself on producing meaningful, multidisciplinary work based on conceptual thinking and curiosity. Comfortable working on branding, package, illustrative, typographic, and web design projects, Physical Pixel uses a considered aesthetic to exceed expectations.

A stickler for the details, Jacob sweats the small stuff that makes pervasive and influential design. With a process-oriented approach, he is able to manage multifaceted projects simultaneously across mediums and develop strategic systems for and use and brand reinforcement.

Jacob’s work has been recognized by Adobe, AIGA, and the Art Director’s Club of New Jersey, and has been featured on For Print Only, Lovely Package, and Lovely Stationary.

Design & Studio Services

Graphic Design

It is the bread and butter of visual communications. Juxtaposing elements like line, shape, and color with principles of balance, hierarchy, and rhythm form the foundation on which successful posters, publications, illustrations, and business collateral is built.

Identity Design

A memorable identity functions as a brands keystone. The careful use of logo, color, typography, balance, and form make an identity system the sum of its parts. With brainstorming and research we can find a solution that is versatile and appropriate.

Package Design

Bolster a sentimental relationship or facilitate a spontaneous one. Considered packaging is a must to stand out on crowded shelves or online. Together we can innovate a new medium to tell a story. With the right combination of craft and application we can create a concept that will hold attention and gain recognition.

Web Design

The digital landscape can be daunting with its constantly changing options. Choosing from hosting, email, blogging, and eCommerce options can be simplified as we separate the extraneous from the necessary.

Environmental Design

The consumer experience in physical space becomes an integral part of telling a brand’s story. We can further communicate values through signage, wayfinding, pictograms, and retail experiences. These establish placemaking and further differentiate companies in competitive markets.

Brand Planning

Create meaning and use brand values to tell a memorable story. Establishing an emotional connection with your audience is crucial to being reputable. Set standards to foster a consistent message. Let’s lay the tracks upon which future communications can travel.

Naming & Stance

A blend of strategy and creativity, a name should be meaningful, clear, and easily communicate personality. When a brand speaks, who does it resonate with? A voice familiar and consistent with the overall perceptions can keep your audience focused.

Print Production

Coated or uncoated. Die-cut or die-line. Process or spot. The options are limitless with ink and paper. With detailed explanation from concept to proof to pricing and delivery, the process becomes stress free. Using offset, digital, engraving, screen, or letterpress printing will make a lasting impression (pun intended).

Other Capabilities

Working with a talented network of creative professionals, Physical Pixel is able to offer: photography, videography, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and copywriting to accompany established design services.

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